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Monday, 26 February 2018

Short And Long Speech On International Women's Day 2018 In English

Short Speech On International Women's Day 2018 In English

Short Speech On International Women's Day 2018 In English
Short Speech On International Women's Day 2018 In English

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8th March. It is a special day to honor women working in different areas and celebrate their accomplishments.

First of all, these days were celebrated on February 28, 1909, on the call of the Socialist Party in America. Later it started celebrating on the last Sunday of February. Perhaps you are surprised to know that in most of the first countries, women did not have the right to vote. Women Day was given international status in 1910 for the purpose of securing them these rights at the Copenhagen Conference of Socialist International. The significance of this day increased even more when in 1917, in Russia women started an agitation for bead and peace which gradually grew and the Tsar had to leave Russia's power. After this, the interim government that gave women the right to vote.

When this movement started in Russia, there used to be the Julian calendar (now the Gregorian calendar is used), according to which the last Sunday of February was 23rd, while the rest of the world was still in the Gregorian calendar and according to Russia's twenty three February The rest of the world was on March 8 so that 8 March was celebrated as International Women's Day.

So Here Best Short And Long Speech On International Women's Day 2018 In English For Womens Day Celebration

Short Speech On International Women's Day 2018 In English

Speech 1Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8th March for women in the world. In the past years, there has been a lot of change in the thinking of the people along with time. Today women work on shoulder shoulders with men. Where girls were given early marriage in all houses, they are encouraged for education today. Where girls education, "Malala 'year for actresses in Hollywood like sitting fighting Pakistan that Priyanka Chopra is also Ucha our country's name | But even today there are many places and many people in our country, because of their small mindset today the situation of women is bad. Today, there is a need to change the same thinking so that the women of our country can be fully protected.

Speech 2 - Women are the pride of our country and the honor of women is paramount for us. On March 8, women's day is celebrated for the honor of women all over the world. To say that in our society women have been given equal status with men. But even today issues such as feticide and domestic violence have become a popular topic throughout the country. The daily news of the rape is like this, as if the people of our country do not want to listen to the advice of elderly women. Today, the woman imprisoned in the dark of the society is finding the sunny morning sunlight. Even today, women are fighting for their respect and our men are watching the main society. Come together listen to their prayers and liberate them from the restrictions of society.

Speech 3 - It is very necessary to connect with the main stream of development and advancement of women for the overall development of the world. As the status of women becomes as important, respectful and active as society, the society will be as strong and strong. Since ancient times, women are called compassion, capacity and idol of love. Today, the topic of empowerment of women in our country is well known. Indian women did not have to face legal and political barriers so much as social status. Not only in India, the entire world is being exploited by women at social level. Today, those restrictions have to stand for breaking women, so that again the women's day should not be celebrated like a day.

Speech 4 - Women have been seen as patrons of traditions since ancient times. But if their future begins to fall under the guise of these traditions, then there should not be any hesitation in changing them, because our country is made up of traditions, we have not been from the traditions. In many countries, the rights of women are also stripped of the name of religion, women are prevented from being educated. This is the biggest problem in many Islamic countries including India. Even in the developed nation like America, the problems of domestic violence, misbehavior and exploitation occurring in women are coming in the newspapers. Safety of women is also a major issue in the world. Especially in India, women are not completely safe. On the day that women will be seen as a safe citizen of the whole world, truly the Women's Day will be celebrated on that day.

Speech 5 - History is witness to women's enthusiasm and enthusiasm. From Indira Gandhi and Kalpana Chawla to women like Piti Usha and Kiran Bedi, they achieved great relevance in this patriarchal society. Someone touched the height of the space, then someone got the political power. Remember this lady day on whose confidence has brightened the name of our country in the whole world. Shobhana Bhartia, Chanda Kochhar, Arundhati Bhattacharya and Kiran Mujumdar Shaw are the four such names that have glossed over the dignity of India on a global scale and have registered their names in the list of 100 powerful women of the world by Forbes. In the game too women have waved their best. From Sania Mirza and Sanya Nehwal, players like Ashwini Vasakar and Deepika Pavalikar have brightened their name in their respective sports. In actresses, many actresses including Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone have made a different identity throughout the world in the name of Hollywood. Instead of spraying women in slogans, speeches, seminars and articles on this lady day, do something about the advancement of women so that women can raise their voices in the whole world.

Speech 6 - However, on March 8 every year, International Women's Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm, but is we still ready to accept Women's Day. There are many issues in our country which our government can say or our people have been unable to solve. Many of them are from women, including domestic violence, embryonic killing and raped minor. Today, our country has developed very well to say, but the condition of women is still the same yesterday, or it can say that it is also pathetic. Issues such as feticide are coming in the newspapers, people forget about forgiveness, but did anyone try to hear the cry of a delicate life which the society did not allow birth in the guise of son? Neither do the feticide, domestic violence, and also the responsibility of this miserable situation of women. Due to the lowly act of taking dowry and giving up, oppression on women is increasingly increasing. The young generation of our country is also seen indulging in all these activities. India is known for religion and old age. The Goddess is also worshiped in our country and the bowels are honored with the honorable women and women. But then the next lady is not protected in the next moment. The day on which women of our country will be conscious of their loyalty and respect towards women, truly women's days can be celebrated from that day.

Speech 7 - Why not forget all those bitter things on this lady day, remember those who have illuminated the name of women from hard work and marriage in the entire country. Many of you may not know that many inventions such as dishwasher, invisible glass and circular saw blade have been made by women. Not only invention, but women considered their iron in many areas. Whereas bodybuilding was the only dream of men, today Ashwini Vasakar girls like girls are all in the world. It was not easy to adopt this area for the 32-year-old Ashwini, but the passion of never giving up the desire of her in the world has introduced Ashwini Vasakar's name throughout the world today. Women in our country are also equating men in economic areas. Arundhati Roy, the top leader of SBI's 15,000 branches, was selected by Forbes Magazine for 30th position of 100 powerful women of the year 2015. Due to the strong determination of many such women, the name of women of India is getting progress in the world today.

Speech 8 - Why is only one day celebrated for women's honor? Why are women still locked up with those four walls? Why do so many women still want sunny morning sunshine? Why is women always known for their body? Why little life is killed before it opens the eyes? Why are girls still married as soon as they understand the burden? The answers to such countless questions have not been received till date. We have a huge contribution in the progress of all human beings. Ever since becoming a mother and becoming a daughter, sometimes becoming a sister and becoming a wife, at different points of life, many forms of women have supported us. Why do we remain behind in respect of those women today? Let us respect those women today, let us worship them again today.

Speech 9 - The woman who created this entire world is the biggest reason for our self-esteem. If there is no mother and sister in a family then the house is heard very much. Sometimes the utensils of kitchen utensils remind them, so the spices of the spices touch the heart. Sometimes the devilish childhood of the childhood gives the eyes, and sometimes the small chocolate also attracts the mind. Like the many beautiful colors of life, the whole world is female. The women trained for their kindness and patience not only take care of their family but also make them live to fulfill their dreams. There are many examples in our country that have achieved our goal as well as their marriage and family life. In the field of art there are many names like Farah Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor, who kept their goals and their intentions along with their family life. There are many records of women in history, which are still remembered with great pride. Women like Maharani Laxmi Bai and Empress Padmini are still worshiped for their courage and patience. Come on the occasion of this women's day, today salutes the courage of women and respect them.

Speech 10 - Women's Day is celebrated on March 8th worldwide. Respecting women is the only reason behind celebrating Women's Day, and we are going to forget the same reason day by day. Even today, women are known for their body more than their talents. Even in ancient times, women were bought by kings or they could say that their deals were used. Today, only modes of working have changed, or even today the practice of dowry is done in full swing. Due to the lowly practice of dowry today many women are being victim of domestic violence. Many cases of molestation are recorded in police stations everyday and ignored everyday. What is the use of such a women's day where newspapers and news channels remain deterred by reports of rape every day. On the day when the girls will be free from the windows closed, on which day women will be safe in the middle of the night, on the day when women will not be identified with their work, they will be from their courage and hard work, on which day girls will not be considered burden and the day when dowry-like practice We will all be entitled to celebrate Women's Day in the right earnest on that day.

Long Speech On International Women's Day 2018 In English

Speech 1 - A heart-warming Good morning to everybody present here, here we have all gathered to celebrate women’s day and to celebrate the achievement of women and the strength to fight with whatever comes in her way. Over the years the essence of women’s day celebration has evolved and has taken up an all together novel form. A woman in herself is a full circle and complete within herself she has inside her the potency to fight for whatever is right! Her strength, I would like to illustrate her statement with an anecdote.

There was a warm egg in the nest of an eagle which was about to hatch, and then a farmer who lived nearby took out the egg and kept it with his hen’s eggs which were also about to hatch. After quite some time the gets hatched and they started following their mother and tried as much as to be the way their mother was. The point here to note is that that the baby eagle never knew that it was from eagle family. Though their mother had realised the eagle’s different behaviour but she never acknowledged it. One day the baby eagle saw an eagle flying powerfully high into the sky and it was amazed at the strength she was possessing and wished to be an eagle in the next birth so as to have such unwavering strength. The baby eagle never realised its strength for it always believed that it belonged to the hen’s family. The, gist of the story says that we women are the baby eagles born to an eagle’s family not knowing that we possess the same strength as that of the eagle’s family.
Stop believing women, Start living; Living your life on your terms, it’s high time!!

Speech 2 - We have gathered here to celebrate the International Women’s Day at our office; I am extremely glad that I have been given this opportunity to host the program and deliver a speech today. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the CEO, Board of Directors and the Management of this organisation which gives so much of importance to women empowerment at work and in the society and thus our company celebrates this event every year with utmost zeal and enthusiasm. It’s really an honour to be a part of this organisation.

International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world to pay honour to the great women of the society. Empowering women is very necessary for bringing gender equality. Those societies flourish well where women are given equal respect and are not taken for granted. Most of the conventional people still feel that women should be confined to household chores and should not step out for work, etc as that’s not their area of work; which shouldn’t be practiced in today’s society. Women today have got equal potential provided they are been trusted and valued. Today’s women realize their strengths and abilities and step out in order to contribute to the society and the world consequently.

Being a woman myself, it really feels nice to have a special day for women too when they can be appreciated and honoured. But I feel that woman should be respected not just because they are women, but also because they are individuals with their own identity. They contribute equally to the betterment of the society. If I can be little biased then I would say, if there is no woman on the earth then mankind would cease to exist because it’s a woman who brings life to this earth. Every woman is special whether she is working at home or office or doing both. She plays an important role in the upbringing of children and managing their home efficiently.

Well, like I said previously, our organisation gives utmost importance to gender equality and I am pleased to announce that the company is now associated with three different Non-Government Organisations that work for the women and children betterment. I have been given the responsibility to complete all the formalities and would be managing the relevant day to day activities. While I am very glad and feel honoured, I am also determined that together we’ll be able to help all those women who are deprived, needy or require support to stand shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts in the society.

We have lots of plans on the agenda and we will begin with making visits to the remote areas where education is still a dream for young girls. Not only do we plan to introduce education system in those localities in association with the NGOs, but we will also fund 50% of the total education cost. I am sure, this journey is going to be a learning experience for me but I would also need your good wishes and motivation.

Thank You!

Speech 3 - Welcome ladies to this special get together of ours on occasion of Women’s day. Though I believe that everyday should be dedicated to the celebration womanhood but we all know we would sound so unfair to men for this.. Just kidding.

International women’s day is the day that is specially dedicated to the women’s for praising them for the tremendous efforts that they put in for everyone. Presence of a woman has such a strong impact in everyone’s life. This world would have not been possible without this species. Woman is not only the one who is married or somebody who is beyond a certain age. Each feminine that is born has the inherited woman traits in herself. The special feelings of care, affection, endless and overwhelming love and many more. Women are the perfect entities to be celebrated.

We women should cherish the blessing of being a woman. I know at times in life we feel that we are only ones who have to make sacrifices or who have to let go their feelings and dreams for others linked to us, but, it is just the result of the power that god has given us. God created the feminine creature as a symbol of utmost affection that not only leads the perfect life for herself but also lays down the strongest base for others dreams as well.

That is why I said, this single 24 hour day is way too short for appreciating or recognizing the deeds that woman do. This day is specified as the day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural, political and personal achievements of a woman. Each one of us is so confident to know our weaknesses and work with the best of the efforts to overcome them. It seems so great to see when the reward and recognition posts go on declaring the ‘Top 100 women entrepreneurs’, ‘Top 20 women CEOs’, ‘Women leading the NGOs’, etc. Women are reaching great heights of recognition and working style. This day is dedicated to the parity discussion as well.

We should continue putting in all our efforts. There is no stance in which we women are less in comparison to men. It is just our mindset, changing our mindset and our actions is the first thing we should focus on. Our actions and thoughts will make us lead the great height of our dreams and further let the world believe us and our deeds. Women’s day for me, is just a hault that makes me realise the efforts we have put in throughout the 365 days for ourselves and all other people linked to us.

Each women should understand their importance and should have the courage to built in their efforts for their own progress. Happy women’s day to every beautiful women present here, on behalf of the entire organization I would like to thank you all for being a part of it and making it fulfill its vision of success.

Women power is incredible and cannot be expressed through few words.

Thank you!

Speech 4 - Hello everybody, good morning to all beautiful personalities present here. You all must be knowing that this early morning we are gathered here to share our gratitude towards our women employees on this occasion of International Women’s day.

On behalf of the entire management and everybody present here, I would like to extend my thanks to all the ladies present here. You people are incredible in your own way. I am pretty sure that I will be short of words to express my gratitude for the womanhood. Entire feminine category present in this nation has lead this world to an extraordinary extent. This single day is way too concise to appreciate the things you people do on both personal and professional end of your lives. There is no limit to the work or efforts that a woman can put forward for her own progress as well as the progress of the people linked to her.

In the past decades women have been able to showcase themselves in such a perfect manner that mindset of people has widen to recognize the deeds done by women overall for themselves and the society. It is celebrated to enhance the worldwide awareness about women, their rights, their contributions, importance of education for them, their career opportunities and much more. Scope of celebration of women day cannot be defined as the deeds done by women as it can never ever be summed up. Talk about a relation and you will have endless efforts that the woman put in for it. Workfront or homefront everyplace has a special non replaceable role that the women plays.

Women have continuously strived through put in a strong image for themselves through the past decades. And, I will suggest you all to keep doing your best. You should stand strong and fight for your rights, you have all rights to further educate yourselves and enhance your skills, learn safety techniques and much more. Woman have been just like water, easy to fit on every role that they are offered for. Personal or professional, big or small, entrepreneurs or employees; each and every role has witnessed the perfect blend of women combination. We are overwhelmed to have you all in our organization, each of yours presence has enhanced the company’s progress.

Glad that we get this honour of recognizing and celebrating our efforts on this occasion of women day. Sorry, male employees but just see how special these women are that a special dedicated day is announced for them. We all should owe this responsibility to appreciate and respect every women present in our lives. They are the best blend of teachings and affections.

Happy women’s day to all you courageous and incredible women. Your presence is inexpressible in few words and so are your deeds. Each one of you has the perfect special role that you are playing in many lives. Without women the world and our lives are incomplete.

Thank you everyone for being a part of this occasion. Thank you all.

Speech 5 - Good Morning everyone, Thanks for your get together here and giving your precious time, on this special occasion I am going to deliver a speech on International Women’s Day.

International Women’s Day is celebrated with full enthusiasm all over the world. It has been observed since early 1990s but now it is celebrated every year on 8th March. The agenda behind celebrating this day is to empower the women who has gone through number of hurdles all through her life be it their social, political, religious, and cultural rights simultaneously it also calls for “Gender Equality”.

No any single government or any association is responsible for the creation of this day instead it is made possible with the collective efforts of all those who cares about the human rights. This day reminds us of all the contributions and achievements of the women in the society. It is celebrated to show the respect, care and place we owe to them.

Thus International Women’s Day is all about unity, integrity, celebration, and reflection of struggles which is proven well over a century and continues to strengthen with the passage of time. We take many pledges but forget the actions that are being required to fulfill those pledges. In lieu of this International Women’s Day is being celebrated globally. We all are not born equal but by the grace of almighty we all are born with the same rights “Human Rights”. And thus have the right to be treated equally, right to seek equal education and other benefits from which the females have been deprived of since long.

Many past records can evidently prove that women’s have been doing great in many fields leaving behind the gentleman’s of the country. Cheers to the “Feminism” you yourself is the creator of your own identity.

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